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Defender Phoenixm2 Wireless Security System

The Defender digital Wireless security system with 7 monitors is unequaled for businesses with large amounts of data, this system includes a built-in password manager, monitoring for if and when changes, and straightforward setup with net tool. Plus, you can use the system as is or with our data stripped down features for a more modern look and feel.

AC Adapter For Defender PHOENIX PX301-010 PX301-011 Digital DVR Security System
Defender Phoenixm2 4-Channel 2
Phoenixm 2 Non Wi-Fi  Power Security Camera 7 in Monitor & Night Vision Cameras

Phoenixm 2 Non Wi-Fi Power

By Defender


Digital Wireless Security System

The digital Wireless security system is a top-of-the-heap substitute to protect your home from unauthorized access and theft, this system includes a camera, monitor, and recorder all in one piece, making it effortless to adopt and maintain. With our included plug in 7 monitor recording feature, you can create up to 7 individual videos or recordings for your system, equaling up to a healthy the Defender Wireless security system with and two night vision cameras is prime for monitoring your home or office in a make-it-your-own-with-this way, with its technology, Defender non wifi. Plug-in power security cameras- for home & is will always keep your security tight while you are away, plus, the two night view cameras will always keep you informed as to what is happening in and around your home. The Defender security system with 2 cameras is unequaled for any home or office, with its digital Wireless technology, you can watch your footage on two different devices at the same time. Or, use the system as a monitor for your next workshop, the Defender digital Wireless security system is a top-rated surrogate for shoppers scouring for a security system that offers a high level of security and convenience. This system includes an ac adapter for use with the Defender digital Wireless security system, making it basic to use, the Defender digital Wireless security system also includes a digital dvr, making it basic to keep track of the events happening in your home.