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Laser Beam Security System

Laser Beam security system is practical for lovers who ache for a security system that works both out of the box and extends a sense of fun, this system uses infrared radiation to monitors motion, and if it's detects any large objects within a certain distance, which is usually around 10-12 feet, the system will commit a crime. With this system, you can have a serious look at your home or office in a hurry and avoid from becoming a problem.

Laser Security System

This is a Laser security system that uses infrared sensors and a single Beam detector to detect movement, it can alert home door users that there is someone inside, without having to look. The system can be used outside, inside a home, or even in public areas, the system can communicate with nearby security cameras to identify anyone who is about to enter the house. This effortless to handle security system uses a Laser system to warn you of a potential threat if your gate opens and the security system is applied, the system can be used at home or at work. The security system can be used to enter your home from the west or the east, which makes it excellent for sliding gate opener door security, the Beam security system is a new technology that uses 100 m Laser systems and infrared sensors to monitor outdoor spaces. It is characterised by the system's ability to operate outside of the protection zone of a Laser system, and the motion detector being able to detect movement from earth-based sensors, the system is available as a stand-alone system or as part of a home security system.